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Skopje Summer School 2014

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Call for applications

Deadline: 16 May 2014
Eligible applicants: undergraduates, graduates, MA students, MA holders and PhD candidates.
Date and venue: 21-25 May 2014, Skopje
Foundation Center of Islamic Civilization is organizing a summer school called Alternative Interpretations of Balkan Modernity which will take place in Skopje, Macedonia on 21-25 May 2014. This program aims to gather students and academics from and outside the Balkans. Days 21-24 May are reserved for lectures and discussions with various topics based on these subjects: nation-state, cosmopolitanism and religion. A tour of Macedonia will be organized on 24-25 May which will consist of visits to the most important cultural and historical monuments. Lectures and discussions will be held in the English language.

Courses offered:
•    Europe, modernity and rationalism  
•    Possibilities of cosmopolitanism in the Balkans
•    Consequences of modernity in the Balkans
•    The Bosniak experience in modernization: role of religion
•    The origin of nationalisms in the Balkans
•    Nationalisms in the Middle East and Palestinian issue
•    Decolonization of religious interpretations
•    Individual-public discourse dialogue
•    Beyond the conflict between nation-states and cultural identities

•    İbrahim Kalın – Turkey
•    Ferid Muhić – Macedonia
•    Hatem Bazian – United States of America
•    Santiago Slabodsky – United States of America
•    Ferhat Kentel – Turkey
•    Fikret Karčič – Bosnia and Herzegovina   
•    Hysamedin Feraj – Albania
•    Ali Pajaziti – Macedonia
•    Ljubomir Frčkoski (Macedonia)
•    Ufuk Ulutas (Turkey)

All students who are interested in theoretical discussions on philosophical and social problems of modernity and its consequences in Europe, Balkans and the Middle East are eligible to apply.

School fees, daily meals (lunch and dinner) and tour in Macedonia is covered. Organizers offer logistical assistance on finding affordable accommodation.

Each applicant should complete the application form and send it via email to the Summer School contact’s email address: Deadline for the submission of applications is 16 May 2014.

Application form: (download)


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